We welcome your dogs....and soon hope to welcome your horses, look out for further developments!

You can take your dog, on his lead, to the paddock in front of the cabins and exercise him in there providing there's no livestock about.  Dogs must be supervised, they are not allowed to run free and PLEASE pick up after your dog at all times!! If you need spare doggy bags, please ask us.

Next year we hope to welcome horses to stay in the fields or stables whilst their owners enjoy staying in the lodges.  There is plenty of parking available for trailers and horse boxes - watch this space for more details.

Finally, while we welcome your dogs in Brambles and Buttercups lodges.... Bluebells lodge is specifically for guests who do not have pets and want to holiday in a totally pet-free zone.

Please, therefore, do not allow your dog to wander on the site – as much as you love your doggie, other people (and livestock!) are not always as appreciative!

A little note: – please remember to bring your dog’s own feeding/water bowl and equipment and his/her bedding.  Also they like to have something familiar around them when away from home.  Please do not allow your dog to climb on furniture or go into the bedrooms – and most importantly, don’t leave him/her alone in the cabin when you are away – it can be very distressing for them – anyway, they're on holiday as well and want to enjoy it with you!